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Grow Taller - G1 Growth Pills (1 Pack)


Directions / How To Use is the #1 fastest acting growth pills worldwide, our leading product is scientifically proven to help increase your height over time, so what are you waiting for? get taller today like 1,000’s of others.

Our calcium enriched tablets are formulated to promote healthy bones to grow quicker than they would in ordinary circumstances, this is due to the specially designed formulation and ingredients that allow the calcium to specifically target the areas that lack growth the most, these generally being the Knees, Legs and spinal cord, these three areas are imperative in the bone & marrow growth stages.

1. Wash Hands Thoroughly

2. Take Two Enriched Calcium Tablets And Drink With Water

3. Ensure Product is Sealed After Use

4. Keep Product at Room Temperature

Repeat, Daily, Remember One Tablet Per Day


Frequently Asked Questions

How Fast Are The Results?
Our pills take approximately 2-6 months before you will see noticeable results, to speed up the process, we advise our product to be used in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise/stretching

Why Are They So Expensive?

When you compare our product to surgery, our product is extremely cheap.

When you compare our product to other small brand tablets on the market, they are only cheap because they do not work, our product is priced due to the years of testing and trials to get to where we are today, you are getting the best quality product worldwide.

How Many Tablets Should i Take?
We recommend taking 1 tablet every day, morning or night is up to the discretion of the user.

Does The Product Work On All Ages?

Unfortunately our product does cease to work on people over the age of 35+, this is due to a multitude of issues stemming from restrictive growth in all areas of the body.

Does The Product Work On Both Genders?

Yes, our product works on both Male & Females – the human body is very similar in many aspects especially when it comes to bones and bodily structures

Can i Take More Than The Recommended Dosage?
We highly advise against using more than the recommended dosage, our product works over time and using more than advised will not speed up the process to a degree that it is worthwhile in doing so.

What Separates Your Company From The Rest?

We Understand that due to previous products failing to live up to your expectations that you might be sceptical, it is for this reason we introduced our 100% money back guarantee, we believe in our products and we hope you will too.

Are The Ingredients Natural?

Yes, our products are 100% natural and safe for human consumption, our products have been tested rigorously and no side effects have been shown to occur with any users over a period of 5+ years.
Ingredients: Calcium (as carbonate) 600mg, Colecalciferol 12.5 micrograms (500IU), 50mg Magnesium, 7.5mg Zinc, 500mcg Copper, 1.75mh Manganese

Are There Any Age Restrictions?

There are no age restrictions on our products, you can use it from anywhere between 15+ years to 60+ although after the age of 35+ you may see noticeably lesser results, most humans are calcium deficient in certain areas within their bones, our enriched targeted calcium pills aid this ailment no matter what age you are.

Are There Any Side Effects?

No side effects have been concluded after use of our product for up to 56 months.
However we advise you to follow the directions strictly.

What If The Product Seal Is Broken?

If the product is delivered with a broken seal we advise you to cease use, email us at and a replacement will be sent out within 48 hours.

How Can I Get The Product?

Simply checkout on our website, and we will ensure a delivery to your location

Checkout Here

(Did You Know: we ship to 190 different countries across the globe, amazing right)

Where Can I Read Reviews-Testimonials?

All our latest reviews can be read on the front page of our website, there are also a multitude of other reviews once you click into the product tab beneath the product description, simply scroll down. feel free to add your own review also, as this section is open for anyone too comment on their results.


I Am Still Not Entirely Convinced?

In the end we can only offer so much before the choice is yours to make, the only way to see if our product works for you is to try it yourself, and if all else fails you get a full refund, whats not to love about that?.


Can i Track My Shipment?

Yes you can, we ship with two options


1. Standard Shipping (7-21 Business Days)
2. Express Shipping (1-9 Business Days)

Please choose your option at checkout.

Money Back Guaranteed?

That’s correct, we believe in our products, there is a simple reason we are the fastest selling growth pill company internationally.

Hence we offer you a full money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with our products (but we are sure you will love them)

Before & After

These photos were taken after using our formulated Enriched Calcium Tablets for a duration of at least 3+ months, remember each individual is different and may experience results either faster or slow than shown here









Free Shoe Lifts

That’s right, with every order we are including a free pack of Gel Shoe Lifts, for maximum comfort. This awesome product will help you in the short term, whilst our calcium pills will help in the long term.

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19 reviews for Grow Taller – G1 Growth Pills (1 Pack)

  1. Alex J

    Measuring myself daily
    I have been measuring myself daily after buying two lots of these growth pills, i am 4’9 and let me tell you its not fun being so short, luckily i have a wife who is nearly as short as me…definitely found the jackpot there.

    I used this product for at least 4 months and i can attest that i grew at a minimum of 2 inches, i now sit shoulder to shoulder with my wife, whereas before my chin came up to the top of her shoulders.

    The product works, its quite expensive yes…but when you consider what other options you have, bone surgery is at the very least $5,000 minimum, so in a way its a no brainer, give it a try.

  2. Jaime Zhang

    big difference after 4 months
    prior to using the calcium tablets i was about 5’8 which is not exactly short, but not all enough, after 4 months i measured myself again and i was 5’10, so i grew two inches, couldnt fault the tablets, worked exactly as intended…delivery was quick also and tracking number was given promptly

  3. Jenny


    Try this product!! Gained 6 inches in 6 months!!

  4. Colin Gaberial

    Delivery Was Quick
    Delivery was quick, so that’s always a plus, started today wish me luck.

  5. Jacinta d

    Quite expensive
    tbh the tablets are quite expensive, but after using them for about 4 months, i can honestly say that it is worth every dollar! the results are insane…. thank you

  6. Kayleb

    grew 3 inches over 5 months
    i used the product for 5 months, used the product as directed, definitely taller now than i was before i started by at least 2-3 inches

  7. Ali Haba

    insane results
    Me and my mate decided to use the products for about 4 months or so after reading the reviews etc, the results were great, seriously there is nothing else like this on the market

  8. Aiden Jar

    These Legit Work
    I didn’t use these myself, but i bought some for a long time mate of mine for his birthday as abit of joke, he told me like 5 months later that they had actually worked and he had grown about 3 inches or so…i havent seem him since i moved away, but ill judge it when i see him next..either way how awesome is that

  9. Janet Kingly

    My son plays basketball and needed to grow and extra two inches

    I had enrolled my son in basketball whilst he was young, however his height had always been quite the issue, as he was just a little shorter than most players on his team…obviously this effects both his mental and physical well-being, we had tried lots of supplements etc however the only thing that actually showed a significant height improvement was the pills from, he showed great results after the 4 month mark

  10. Amelia Zagzabi

    Abit Overwhelmed
    I really am not sure what to say, i bought 4 lots of these pills as per the instructions and just went about my daily routine having them with some other vitamins i have each morning, as a 5’7 girl i cant say im really short, but i feel short..about a month and a half in my sister commented that i looked abit taller for some reason, i laughed and then secretly measured myself asap, i was 5’9…i have no words

  11. Mc805

    Give it a try
    I started using this about 15 day ago so. I hope this really works . I will come back here for any results if you have any suggestions on you did this please Email me at

  12. India Hasarr

    Amazing results
    cant really explain how well this product actually works, wow!, i have grown to the same height i usually am when i wear heels lol!

  13. Alana

    Great results
    used for about 5 months, definitely taller than when i measured myself before, in November i was about 5’7, no i am 5’9 nearing 5’10

  14. Mabo Zaboa

    i used for 3 months so far
    i have used the calcium pills for 3 months now, before i started i took some photos and measurements, i now sit at least 1 inch taller now i am 5’10

  15. Zara Mazdoul

    it worked really fast
    worked much faster than i expected, i used the product for about 3 months, i have grown by about 1 inch, which is awesome!

  16. Alisa Den

    REVIEW: Update – wow
    I reviewed this product back in 2017, its been about 5 months and i just cant believe the tablets actually worked, i run a blog so i am definitely going to share this product around.

    • admin

      Hi Alisa,

      We are so excited and happy to hear your results, feel free to post your results and spread the word regarding our product, thank you.

  17. Alisa Den

    Giving This a GO!
    Wish me luck, it is currently the 2-05-2017 i will check back in after a few months with my results.

  18. Primera Patel

    From a 5’2 girl to a 5’6 woman!
    This stuff really worked!!, short and sweet, if anyone wants to email me about my results feel free too!! everyone who was short like me deserves to see this stuff !!!

    Email me @ and ill try to respond 🙂

  19. Jason Mahara

    I was skeptical at first
    I was skeptical at first, as i have tried plenty of ”growth tablets” which turned out to be just useless gimmicks, but i want to review this properly as i am actually amazed at the results, within two months of using the tablets i had grown about one inch (yes i exercise as well) but that had never helped me earlier, after 3 and a half months i had grown from a 5’3 to a 5’6, all i can say is thank you but i dont feel that is enough’…can i donate to you guys or something!!

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