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How It Works

‘Grow Tall Quick” has been dedicated to researching how and why some people grow taller than others, and to provide a permanent safe solution to those whom aren’t as tall as they would like to be.
After dedicating 9 years to our studies, we have produced a tablet that fixes the main problem shown in patients, a lack of calcium in specific areas of the bones.
All our clients show great calcium levels, however when we delved deeper we realised that much of that calcium was not reaching the places that truly mattered, namely the ”Spinal Cord” ”Legs” and ”Knees”.
Our enriched calcium pills do exactly that, they target those three important areas where your body needs it most in regards to growing taller, and aiding the body whilst simultaneously accelerating the growth process
Our calcium enriched tablets are formulated to promote healthy bones to grow quicker than they would in ordinary circumstances, this is due to the specially designed formulation and ingredients.
Generally calcium doesn’t always reach the bones, even when you are not calcium deficient, calcium finds it generally difficult to pass through the body and into the designated bone structures, this misguidance prevents and halts growth. This deficiency is also why one twin may grow taller than the other even though they may be exactly the same in every other way.
Aside from genetics, calcium plays an extremely important role in the promotion and inhibition of growing bones, our Calcium Enriched Pills target the bones from the spine and waist down specifically. instead of the calcium being overlaid and used in areas such as teeth and other skeletal areas once ingested.
This targeted area is exactly where you will find the key to growing taller, with a stronger spine, and leg muscle growth.