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Before & After

Please note: As each person grows at a different rate, your results may vary.
The duration between growth may be either faster or slower depending on many internal health factors.
Name: Callum R. 
Usage: 5 months (G1)
Location: Kent, England
Name: Jacob L. 
Usage: 4 Months (G1)
Location: Houston, Texas
Name: Larissa A
Usage: 7 Months (G1)
Location: Arkansas, USA
Name: Melanie N.
Usage: 4 Months (G1)
Location: Noumea, New Caledonia
Name: Andy C. 
Usage: 6 Months (G1)
Location: New Jersey, USA
Name: Damien C. 
Usage: 3.5 Months (G1 Accelerated)
Location: Sydney, Australia