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Does Drinking Milk Make You Taller

As much as current science can answer, no, but over time it definitely helps. milk can be a useful tool to help children reach their potential height.
The only animals that prefer to drink milk from another species are known to be Humans. They are also the only species that drink milk beyond childhood. When we continue to drink milk after breastfeeding, we are subjected to chemicals or hormones that could be introduced in the milk.
Over the past 10 years, many studies have examined whether milk consumption makes you taller and the results are mixed. A study published in 2009 found that dairy protein itself has a stimulating effect on the growth of girls and boys nine years and older, research also suggests that breast milk helps babies grow faster, helping children grow up as well. The content of cow’s milk is very useful for providing the nutrition necessary for the proper development of childhood, but the research has not yet come to fruition if cow’s milk helps children grow taller necessarily
Additional studies have shown that it provides nutrition, but that it is not directly responsible for your growth, in addition to having a good taste, it is also very nutritious. It contains a large amount of vitamin D which helps the absorption of calcium and phosphorus and protects our immune system. It is also important for the development of bones and teeth.
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